Layaway is a great way to save some money for something you want
Maybe you don’t need it now, or maybe you have some other financial obligations you need to take care of first.
That doesn’t mean you should miss out on a great deal! 

*If you start an in-store Lay-A-Way plan on any sale item, you lock in that sale price and we are happy to offer a 3 month/90 Day absolutely free, With A NO minimum order, and a low 10% down payment of the total amount due. 

The balance is to be paid out over the next 3 month/90 days. The sooner you pay it off, the sooner you can take it home! 

If additional time or a smaller down payment is needed, we will consider those on a case by case basis. 

NOTE: There is a 25% restocking fee on all returned or canceled layaways.
Here is how it works: is proud to offer a very convenient and flexible lay-away plan, anywhere in the Continental USA. The policies and procedures for our lay-away plan are listed below for your review: 


  • ·         All Lay-Away Agreements require a minimum initial deposit of 25% of the total price, including any applicable taxes, and/or other fees or charges, as determined to be included in the total purchase price.
  • ·         All Lay-Away Agreements require that a minimum payment be made at least every 30 days to apply towards the total price of the Lay-Away, calculated from the date of the initial Lay-Away and receipt of the signed and dated Lay-Away Agreement.
  • ·         There will be no handling or processing charges in connection with the set-up or maintenance of your Lay-Away Agreement.
  • ·         All Lay-Away Agreements are for a period of 3 months. However, in certain circumstances, the period may be lengthened if agreed upon by both the buyer and, only if the scheduled payments are made at least every 30 days. Any changes to the Lay-Away Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both the buyer and
  • ·         Custom orders will not be made until at least one-half (1/2) of the total amount is paid.
  • ·         In case of cancellation at any point, a 25% cancellation fee would be deducted from the total amount received and remaining would be refunded. may cancel a layaway order at its discretion and without warning if it is determined that the purchaser is fraudulent or has attempted to order using a stolen credit card.
  • ·’s Lay-Away Agreement will terminate, and buyer’s deposit and other payments will become non-refundable and be forfeited to if payment of the total purchase price has not been made in one (1) year from the date of the Lay-Away Agreement.
  • · does not extend any form of customer credit, customer credit installment payment terms, or in-house credit under any circumstances, other than the Lay-Away Agreement.
  • ·         All merchandise must be paid for in full before any items will leave our warehouses.
  • ·         Shipping and delivery time frames that are quoted will not begin until appropriate approval and verification of your order has been obtained.


To Make Payments:

Payments can be made as frequently as you like, but, in order to keep your Lay-Away Agreement in current standing a payment must be made at least every 30 days to be applied against the total price of the Lay-Away, calculated from the date of the signed and executed Lay-Away Agreement. These payments can be made by All Major credit card.